Philip Bretherton as Columbus Photo: Christopher Pearce
Mary Keegan as Moctezume, being arrested by Cortes' soldiers, played by Gary Lilburn, Derek Hutchinson and Philip Bretherton Photo: Christopher Pearce
Philip Bretherton as Verrazzano Photo: Christopher Pearce


following the best of all examples, Mr Spurling makes language create in the minds of the audience the scenes of ships bringing to land the gold-hungry conquerors, of natives rushing to welcome them as though they were gods, and of the exploitation and carnage which follow
Francis King The Sunday Telegraph
powerful but economical language
Financial Times
stunningly visual
Time Out
a wealth of detailed invention and a striking originality of form
City Limits

Coming Ashore in Guadeloupe (1982) combines many different stories and protagonists into a single narrative of the discovery of America. The play was first performed by Andrew Visnevski’s small but audacious Cherub Company at the Harrogate Festival and later in Edinburgh and London